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Nuform Industrial Design Inc. Founded by Trevor Smale c.2015 is an industrial design studio offering product development services. We employ new and cutting edge ideation, design and prototyping methods to create more functional and appealing products for our clientèle.

What is industrial design?

Industrial Design (ID) is the professional service of creating products and systems that optimize function, value and appearance for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer. Industrial designers develop products and systems through collection analysis and synthesis of data guided by the special requirements of their client and manufacturer. They prepare clear and concise recommendations through drawings, models, and descriptions. Industrial designers improve as well as create, and they often work within multi-disciplinary groups that include management, marketing, engineering and manufacturing specialists.

The industrial design advantage

Around the world companies are using industrial design and other design disciplines to gain an advantage in the market place through superior customer experience. Companies use ID to differentiate from competitors. It helps companies to create more competitive products that fit with the needs of the target customers and communicate desired brand values. As a result ID improves business performance in all key metrics.

What we do

01 Design

We offer professional design services that will bring your project from idea to final product. Using both Design and Engineering methodologies, we can produce sketches, illustrations, presentation materials and engineered designs for prototyping and production.

02 Form & Function

Finding a balance between form and function is paramount to a products success over time. Making a product that performs well and looks good while doing so, is not an easy task. Nuform understands design by starting with the customer and working back.

03 End to End

From thought to final product, our services will bring you every step of the way. Nuform ID is a one stop shop for product development. We offer everything needed to produce an excellent product. However, if the need should arise that cannot be directly serviced by Nuform, we can connect you with our network of specialists.



Good ideas must be organized and refined to create a big picture. Getting that big picture can be illusive if the right tools and techniques are not in place. Nuform offers comprehensive ideation consulting to organize and clarify ideas and shed light on next step options.


Research is at the core of the Nuform design process. Research pertaining to Human Factors, User Experience and Engineering is employed throughout each and every Nuform project. Our philosophy is with good insight comes useful foresight.


We offer a range of 2D illustration services from low fidelity design exploration through detailed design studies to highly detailed renderings.


Nuform offers expert computer aided design using industry standard software for clear communication with manufacturers.


Nuform is capable of facilitating any product fabrication project. Nuform & affiliates have expert knowledge of fabrication process including but not limited to: metal fab, plastic fab, wood fab, machining, tool & die, mould making etc…


Nuform offers professional sourcing solutions. We can connect your company with valuable human and material resources for the finalization of your next successful project.



A picture can explain an idea and ensure understanding. Nuform offers illustration services that bring an idea to life and give it character. We offer a range of fidelity from quick storyboarding and ideation sketches to highly detailed renderings. Below are some examples of illustrations using different ideas and contexts:




Clothing & Accessories





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Pet accessories


Nuform specializes in creating outstanding digital models of product design used for marketing, advertising, design studies, prototyping and final production. We use industry standard softwares from Dassault, Autodesk and Adobe systems to ensure the creation of the best, most specific and compatible 3D models available. Below are examples of CAD models that have been rendered to near real quality. These models exemplify our ability to design both simple parts and complex assemblies.

gallery gallery gallery gallery gallery gallery

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